Why We Built GunnyTracker

We build web applications. The complexity of these applications range from simple photo management systems to intricate content management systems. The system we had been using to manage our projects worked well enough, but it just didn’t have everything we wanted. So we thought : “Why don’t we build our own?”

And that’s exactly what we did.

At Breur Media Corporation we use this creation on a daily basis. We aren’t in the business of popping out cookie-cutter web apps. Everything we do gets a personal touch. Since we use GunnyTracker every day we are invested in offering the simplest, most powerful project management system that we can.

When something doesn’t work quite the way we intended: we are right on top of it. After all, GunnyTracker is our baby. And as the parents, we are fully invested in its welfare. We don’t just care about how it looks, we care about how it works and how it interacts.

So why did we build another project management system when there are so many available? Because we want full control over every aspect of how WE do work, and now we want to share it with you.

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