Manage Groups

You can call them whatever you want – clients, companies, businesses. GunnyTracker lets you create groups to organize your projects. By grouping your projects, GunnyTracker helps you organize what would otherwise be a humongous and confusing mess. Group overviews allow you to view a snapshot of all the information you would expect to find.


Each GunnyTracker install will have a number of users available based on their subscription level. Users are the people who log in and track their time. The User system allows you to assign people to get those tasks done. Having users means you will know who assigned tasks, who completed them, and how much work was done.

Project Management

The whole point of GunnyTracker is facilitate the management of your projects. Projects are assigned to groups and subsequently contain To-Do lists and tasks. Each task is assigned to a User and each user can trackthe amount of time he/she spent on each.

Tracking Time

GunnyTracker allows time to be tracked for every task. This means that you are able to easily see where your time is spent and how. You can even compare estimate time to actual.


The integrated calendar allows you to not only schedule non project-related events, but all projects information as well.

Project Info

All project information is available as a snapshot when you are looking at the overview. You can even set status to track the milestones of your progression.


We have implemented charting in an unobtrusive manner to allow you to see, at a glimpse, how much activity all your projects are seeing.


All the information you might need is available from the home page. Alerts, notices, recent status updates, comments, as well as projects that have seen recent activity — are all available from the home dashboard.

My Tasks

While there might be multiple users assigned to various tasks across the scope of GunnyTracker, each user has a page that showcases the tasks they have been specifically assigned.

Time Reports

All the time tracked is displayed in a list that can be narrowed down to specific users, dates, and projects. We even made it easy to export to a spreadsheet.