Q. Do I have to have my own website?

A. No. We host your installation of GunnyTracker for you. The domain you use to access your project management system will be unique and tailored to you.


Q. Do I have to pay for patches and upgrades?

A. No. We are constantly adding improvements to GT in an effort to optimize and streamline the operation. Improvements that are a part of the subscription tier you have already paid for will not cost you anything.


Q. I want something added to GT that will make it easier for me to use. Can you do it?

A. Gunnytracker supports custom modules. In fact, we have made our own custom modules that help us do our own jobs.  GT will provide optional modules to its customers in the future, but in the meanwhile, we can most likely make you what you want for a  reasonable development fee.


Q. I found a bug. How do I report it?

A. When you set up your GT account, you were given a support key. You can visit this and use that key to report a problem.


Q. I don’t like the colors you assigned to all the elements. Can I change them?

A. We can probably modify a few colors for you, but right now all the colors are managed by our administrators. Future functionality plans include customizing your own styles.


Q. Do you have a demo I can use?

A. We do, you can contact us via the contact page to request a demo. Or you can view the video on our video page to see GT in action.


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